OneHub Business VDR

OneHub Business VDR Secret Features

Do you need to exchange electronic documents with counterparties without personal contact and duplication on paper? Do you need to keep your sensitive data secure?  In this case, the Onehub business solution is a good alternative. This article is an overview of the Onehub data room.

What is Onehub data room?

Onehub data room is a system for storing documents in electronic form, which ensures the reliability of storage, confidentiality, and access control, tracking the history of changes, convenience, and speed of search. This digital solution is used for M&A deals, IPOs, venture capital transactions, etc.

When working with documents collectively, each employee is assigned a password and access rights. Some employees can perform full editing and destruction of the document; others can only view it. Access to individual fields of the document may be allowed. At the same time, all user actions are logged so that the system administrator can analyze the situation and take appropriate measures.

Onehub –  secure cloud storage for your data

Could-based Onehub data room solution provides the following secret features beneficial for business deal management:

  • Instant scanning and full-text indexing

Find your documents using keywords and clear search terms without difficulty or loss of time: your company’s Office, PDF, text, and HTML documents are automatically added to a full index as soon as they are loaded into the data room.

  • Import folder structures

To be able to map the folder structures in the data room according to your wishes, Onehub uses an import module that can map these structures one-to-one in the data room. Even with widely branched folder structures and several million files, the structures are imported correctly.

  • Data Room Search

The search function goes far beyond simply searching for keywords: filters are available that allow complex selections. The results can then be saved (in ZIP format) and evaluated or further processed.

  • Document audit-proof

Access and changes, i.e. all transactions within the secure data room, are logged by the data room- unchangeable and audit-proof. If necessary, access and processing of the files in the data room can be reconstructed and evaluated. If you would like to set the level of logging yourself, especially for more specific usage requirements, this is also possible with Onehub.

  • Complete export of the documents

Onehub ensures a very useful functionality: the complete export of the data room content to a designated data carrier, such as an external hard drive. The scope of the export can be determined in detail: data export, export of the logs, or full export.

  • Corporate identity

Adapt the Onehub working environment to your company colors, logos, and icons. You can easily change the corporate identity in the user interface.

Security feature of Onehub data room

An important factor in the introduction of the Onehub data room is the preservation of the confidentiality of documents, access to which by competitors and other interested parties can lead to more or less large financial losses, up to complete bankruptcy. The software has the following security benefits:

  • Encryption of data, both in storage and in transit. Modern methods of cryptographic protection completely exclude the possibility of unauthorized access to information;
  • EDS digital signature online – confirms the authenticity of an electronic document, and also allows you to record the actions of responsible employees;
  • Data safety – is provided by modern means of backup and recovery of information. The use of arrays of hard disks for data storage prevents their partial or complete loss even if a part of the equipment fails.